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Prodigy Knife - Full Review

Inspired by the Gerber LMF II line of survival knives, the Gerber Prodigy knife offers many of the features of its bigger brothers, yet in a much smaller and lightweight package.

The overall length of the Prodigy survival knife is 9.75 inches with a 4.75 inch straight to serration blade.

The Prodigy survival knife weighs only around 12 1/2 ounces with its sheath compared to a LMF II survival knife alone which weights nearly as much without it's sheath.

The Prodigy's full tang U.S. made blade is meaty and tough. Coated with black oxide, the Gerber Prodigy survival knife benefits from greater corrosion resistance and the coating virtually eliminates possible reflection in covert situations.

The Prodigy survival knife blade is made of the same material as the Gerber LMF survival knife: 420 HC stainless steel. As with the LMF II, the Gerber Prodigy is reported to hold an edge well and sharpen easily.

About half of the Prodigy knife blade is serrated. Serration is nearly standard at this point in any great survival knife because of the versatility and added cutting power that is added to the knife.

The Prodigy survival knife is MIRS (Military Integration Resource System) compliant. The sheath and knife are designed for stealth use and are made out of low-noise materials. The sheath of the Prodigy survival knife has an innovative friction-release thumb lock for security.

The Prodigy knife sheath is very versatile, offering nearly unlimited carrying options. It’s MOLLE compatible and can strap onto your leg, belt or pack.

Gerber Prodigy vs. Gerber LMF II
The main differences between the Gerber Prodigy knife and the Gerber LMF II are:

- Size is smaller
- Weighs less
- No holes for lashing the survival knife to a pole
- No built-in sharpener
- No pummel-hammer butt end
- Costs $25 less than the LMF II survival knife

These differences aside, the Gerber Prodigy is a remarkable knife that will stand up to any tactical, military, emergency, disaster, or survival situation in an easy-to-carry package.

Owners of the Gerber Prodigy survival knife report cutting through tree limbs, tin, seasoned lumber, bone, wire and many other materials without any problems. Great grip and balance are also mentioned frequently in reviews.

Hard-core owners of the Prodigy survival knife report digging holes, hacking wood and cutting metal with this knife, all without damage.

The Gerber Prodigy is a great survival knife for: hiking, camping, hunting, backpacking, extreme adventure, military uses, emergency preparedness, home security or general peace of mind knowing that you have an survival knife that you can rely on when you need it.

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