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Gerber LMF II Survival Knife

Gerber LMF II Knife -  Full Review

With a street price of less than $70, the Gerber LMF II survival knife is arguably the toughest, most versatile and well designed survival knife available for the price today.

Equally at home on the battlefield and backyard the Gerber LMF II survival knife can chop, cut and slice with ease.

Gerber LMF II - Size

The Gerber LMF II survival knife has a medium-sized blade, at 4.84 inches, in the most popular size range for a survival knife (4 to 6 inches). The overall length is 10.59 inches and it weights in at 11.67 oz. It’s a little on the heavy side for casual everyday use, but weight is the trade off for a tactical, military-style, survival knife of this caliber.


Gerber LMF II - Knife Blade

The most important component of any knife is its blade and LMF II does not disappoint.

Every Gerber LMF II has a drop-point-style blade. Drop-point blades slope on the blade spine from the handle to the tip. This design makes for a stronger blade across the entire length of the knife.  

Whether you find yourself using it to dig a pit, cut your way out of a burning building, chop down a tree, kill an alligator or extract yourself out of a downed helicopter, you are not going to have worry about whether the Gerber LMF II survival knife is going to hold up.

The  Gerber LMF II is made of 420HC stainless steel that is blackened to ensure that it remains stealth in any covert operation.

Owners report that this survival knife holds an edge well and sharpens easily even following heavy use.

To top it off, the butt end of the knife blade is serrated. The intention here was a blade capable of cutting through the fuselage of a plane if need be. The serration also comes in handy for slicing though wire, wood, PVC pipe and drywall.

Gerber LMF II - Knife Handle

The Gerber LMF II Survival knife comes with a glass-filled nylon handle which is encased in a TPV over mold grip. TPV stands for ThermoPlastic Vulcanizate. A TPV grip means a tough yet comfortable rubberized grip that is flexible and comfortable even after long periods of use.

People with hands of all sizes report that the Gerber LMF II survival knife is comfortable to use and that the grip is excellent.

The LMF II survival knife handle is designed to both absorb shock from hammering or chopping and also insulate from potential electric shock if you ever need to cut through electrified wire or a wall in your house.

One knife design innovation that could come in handy in an emergency survival situation is the placement of three holes in the handle of the Gerber LMF II for lashing the knife to a pole, extending its use as a spear.

In a pinch, a spear can be a handy weapon when holding off a bear, spearing fish or even stabbing an apple that is beyond your reach.

Due to the relatively thin width of the LMF II survival knife handle, a pole lashes surprisingly securely to the knife with the aid of some parachute cord.

The butt end of the survival knife handle screams one additional kudo for the designers of the Gerber LMF II. The stainless steel butt end of the handle is heavy and pointed for use as a hammer or to shatter glass. It also increases the Gerber LMF II survival knife’s usefulness as a weapon in hand-to-hand combat situations.

Gerber LMF II - Knife Sheath

The Gerber LMF II sheath is a low-profile, low-snag design made of combat-quality ballistic nylon. Its excellent design is sure to prevent many hang-ups and makes for smooth movement as you venture through dense jungles and forests or when it is needful to shimmy under barbed wire while under fire.

The Gerber LMF II Survival and Gerber LMF II ASEK models also ship with a fire-retardant coating on the sheath. The sheath for the Gerber LMF II Survivor and ASEK models also sport a built-in knife sharpener. Reviewers state that it works well. 

Two heavy-duty, precision-designed straps with snaps (not cheap velcro) hold the survival knife firmly in place until you need it.

Gerber LMF II - Carrying Options

The Gerber LMF II Survival and Gerber LMF II ASEK also come with 2 leg straps to keep the knife hidden and out of the way. The sheath is designed to securely attach to a Molle vest or belt.

LMF II - Just a Great Knife

Folks who own a Gerber LMF II knife sing the praises of its extreme sturdiness, great grip, thick blade, great balance and all-around usefulness.

But some feel that the Gerber LMF II knife is a bit heavy for carrying all day, however, gladly accepted the fact knowing that the weight is a trade-off for its durability. One owner lamented that the Gerber LMF II knife does not have storage for popular survival trinkets such as matches, tweezers or fishing line.

All-in-all the Gerber LMF II series knives are rock-solid in form and function and is sure to satisfy even the most discerning adventurer.

Every Gerber LMF II knife also comes with a Lifetime Warranty and is Proudly Made in the USA.

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Gerber LMF II